Parent Involvement

Springdale Public Schools Parental Involvement Plan 2013-2014

School Name:  Harp Elementary School


  1. Philosophy:


The mission statement for Harp Elementary School is “Teach Them ALL…Learning…ALL Achieve”, which is in keeping with our philosophy that all stakeholders ( students, parents, school staff, and community members) are vital to the present and future success of each student.


We believe:

            •           A child’s education is a responsibility shared by school and family.

                        •           Parents, school and community must work collaboratively in                                                      knowledgeable, caring, committed partnership.

                        •           Family members must play a supportive, positive role in providing for                                      student success.


II.        Program Components *

            To support the belief of the Springdale Public Schools, Harp Elementary parents,   alumni, and supporting community must work as knowledgeable partners.


            The Harp Elementary Parental Involvement Plan will include, but not be limited to, the     following components:


            A. Parent, Alumni, and Community Involvement*

            Harp Elementary will provide the following opportunities to involve parents,

alumni, and community:


            1.         The school administration supports the formation of a formal Parent,                                       Alumni, and Community Involvement Committee when community interest                            warrants. *

                        ~  A Parental Involvement Plan will be developed by the above committee.*

                        ~  The plan will be disseminated to all district patrons. *


            2.         Volunteer Plan *

                        ~  Parents will participate in various Booster Clubs that support specific

                            organizations;  PTA

                        ~  Parents will participate in club and organization activities; PTA

                        ~  Parents will participate in site-based committees; PTA, ACSIP, IDEA/IEP,       

                            LPAC, etc.

                        ~  A needs assessment will be conducted at the building level to ascertain

                            degree of needs. Lists of needs will be compiled and distributed to parents. *

                        ~  Parents will be surveyed regarding their abilities and interests as

                            volunteers provided in the informational packets. Staff will be encouraged

                             to use the surveys.*

                        ~  Parent volunteers will participate in the development and implementation

                            of the Parental Involvement Plan. *



            3.         Activities and Events *

                        ~  Open House: Date August 16, 2013 4:30-6:00*

                        ~  Parents and students will receive school entry orientation as well as

                            information about school improvement and school performance on

                            benchmark testing (Parent Night: September 13, 2013, Report to the

                            Public). *

                                    * At this meeting parents are given a report on the state of the school and

                                    an overview of:

                                                a. What students will be learning

                                                b. How students will be assessed

                                                c. What parents should expect for their child’s education

                                                d. How a parent can assist and make a difference in his or her                                                              child’s education

                        ~  Parent-Teacher Conferences: September 23-26, 2013 and March 3 - 7, 2014

                        ~  Parent Involvement Meetings: The third Tuesday of each month, 6:00p.m.


            4.         Communication *

                        ~ Harp Elementary will communicate with parents in the following ways:

  • E-mail
  • School website
  • Telephone
  • Weekly folders
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Parent Information Center


            5.         Resource Materials*

                        ~ Parenting skills, interventions, and healthy lifestyles information will be

                            available through guidance offices, parent centers, and the school library

                            as funds are available. *

                        ~ The school administration supports the formation of a formal PTA

                            when community interest warrants. *

                        ~ Kindergarten screening provides information for meeting the needs of each



            6.         Recognition of Parents *

~ National School Lunch Week

                        ~ Mother’s Day Luncheon – May 2014

                        ~ Volunteer Appreciation Tea – May 2014

                        ~ Father’s Day Luncheon – May 2014

                        ~ PTA Volunteer of the Year – April 2014

                        ~ When appropriate, via the district’s media relations office


III.       Information Packets *

            ~  Parent kits containing pertinent school information will be furnished to each parent. It   will contain:

                        a. School handbook and school/district calendar.

                        b. Description of school’s Parent Involvement Program *

                        c. Contact information for parents about each school will be provided, e.g.,                                        facilitators, volunteers, school personnel. *

                        d. Information will be given regarding location of helpful parent materials; e.g.                                  parent center, school media centers.

                        e. Hours and location of parent center

                        f. The recommended role of the parent, student, teacher, and school *

                        g. A school telephone number, e-mail address, and school web-page address

                        h. A list of teacher’s e-mail addresses. *

                        i. Dates of two parent/teacher conferences to be held each year *


IV.       Parent Center *

            A parent center will be established in each school of the district.

            Location: Front Lobby/Main Office, Library Media Center, Lobby of the Counselor’s

            Office (for information that may be more socially sensitive)

            Day/ Time: M-F 7:45-4:00

            Contact Person/ Phone: Contact the school office at 479-750-8740 and the call will be

            directed to the appropriate personnel.


V.        School Policies *

            ~ School policies/procedures do not discourage a parent from visiting the school. Each

                school will develop guidelines and procedures for parent visitation. *

            ~ Staff development requirements will include a minimum of two hours for teachers and                   three hours for administrators in effective parent/involvement strategies. *

            ~ If Harp Elementary School is placed in School Improvement due to state mandated

               testing, we will include actions in the ACSIP to describe how the school will provide

               parents written notices about the school’s identification that caused Harp Elementary 

               school to be in school improvement and the strategies that will be used to promote

               parental involvement. *


VI.       Facilitator *

            ~  The principal will designate one certified staff member as Parent Facilitator to help

                organize meaningful training for staff and parents promoting and encouraging a

                welcoming atmosphere for parental involvement in the school and to undertake efforts                 to ensure that parental participation is recognized as an asset to the school. Name,                      location, and contact telephone number(s) will be provided.

                        * School: Harp Elementary School

                           Parent Facilitator: Darrell W. Bolin

                           Contact Number: 479-750-8740


* Denotes requirements in Act 603 of 2003, Act 307 of 2007, or Act 397 of 2009.

HARP HAWKS…Soaring to Success


The Springdale School District recognizes that parents are an important partner to the schools and play a vital role in the education of their child. We are committed to encouraging and helping parents be full partners in the education of their children.

The school district and each individual school has developed a parental involvement plan and reviews it annually as required by the Arkansas Department of Education and Arkansas law. Most importantly, our district and schools want to create a partnership that supports our students. These plans reflect the district's commitment to building parental involvement through the following components: communicating about school programs and student progress, recruiting family volunteers, involving families with learning activities to support their child’s education at home, including families in school-decision-making, assisting families with parenting skills, and collaborating with the community to coordinate resources and services.